Siblings of Steel - Issue 1 Script


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        • Front Cover.
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        • Interior Cover:
        • Synopsis/ pitch of first issue.
        • Characters.
        • Credits.
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        • We open on a rainy stormy night on Anarow, where a ship is landing in a busy port, high up in the city.
        • Phren (future): You see a lot of awful things in this job.
        • Phren (future): You’d think after a while you’d get used to it. And maybe some do.
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        • The ship lands
        • Phren (future): I never did.
        • Phren (future): But this was before all that.
        • Phren (future): Me and my partner Yoselin were sent to investigate a murder on Anarow.
  5. Pg.
        • The ramp opens.
        • Phren and Yoselin get out.
        • Phren (future): I was young, it was only my second mission. We had no idea what was coming.
        • Pyre (ship): All right kids, we’re here! Have fun and don’t die!
        • Phren: Thanks Pyre, be back soon.
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        • Yoselin: Well Phren, new planet, fresh case. What’s our first move?
        • Phren: That would be… to make contact with local law enforcement and get a situation report.
        • Yoselin: Right.
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        • Dusk: A Row of large wear house’s, the center one of which has crime tape all around it, and is swarming with officers.
        • Info box: Lower west end, the scene of the crime.
        • Wide shot of the interior of the wear house, with the murder victim at the middle of it all and our two Youn walking in.
        • Officer 1, in a low voice, but it’s clear they can hear him: Oh great, the nanny droids are here to look over our shoulders.
        • Officer 2: They should go back to the core where they belong.
  8. Pg.
        • Officer LyLee: Oh, You’re here!
        • Officer LyLee: I’m officer LyLee. Welcome to Tain City.
        • Phren: Officer’s Phren and Yoselin of the Youn sisterhood. (Phren and Lylee shake hands).
        • Yoselin: Now, status report.
        • Officer LyLee: This woman, MonsVa Cannata, was found dead this morning.
        • Officer LyLee, leaning in close: We found documents on her indicating that she may be involved in a covert smuggling operation.
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        • Yoselin: And you think it’s Event Horizon?
        • Officer LyLee: We think so, yes.
        • Phren, looking shocked: I thought they were just a myth.
        • Yoselin: Oh, they’re real alright. High command has been trying to find them for years, but every time we get close, they slip away.
        • Yoselin, looking hard at Officer LyLee: Who else knows?
  10. Pg.
        • Officer LyLee: Just us three, and the chief.
        • Yoselin: Good. Keep it that way.
        • Phren: Did you find anything else?
        • Officer LyLee: No, but the documents tell a pretty convincing story.
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        • Phren: Do we have any of suspects?
        • Officer LyLee: A few. Right now we’re pretty sure it’s one of the two gangs that claim this district.
        • Officer LyLee: We now think Event Horizon has been supplying the city’s underworld with weapons, and that’s what the two groups were meeting about.
        • Phren: But something obviously went wrong.
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        • Yoselin, walking around thoughtfully: So they meet here, on neutral ground. But then they have a disagreement.
        • Yoselin: Tempers flair, a fight breaks out, leaving the Horizons contact dead.
        • Phren: We need to investigate the gangs, and this situation gives us enough evidence for a warrant.
        • Officer LyLee: We can’t just walk in there though, they may not be as powerful as they were in the past, but they’re still heavily armed.
        • Yoselin: You may not be able to, but it shouldn’t be a problem for two Youn.
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        • Yoselin: Phren, get all the information we’ll need from Officer LyLee, I need to report to high command. Yoselin walks away from the group,
        • Going behind a secluded corner.
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        • Yoselin puts a hand up to one of her ears, which acts like an anti.
        • Yoselin: Officer Yoselin calling commander Avus, come in commander.
        • Avus: Confirmed Officer Yoselin. Status report.
        • Yoselin: We’ve made contact with local law enforcement, and they’ve confirmed what we thought. This is the work of Event Horizon.
  15. Pg.
        • Avus: Finally, a lead. After all these years.
        • Yoselin: I know. We’ve been chasing these slimeballs since we were cadets.
        • Yoselin, looking back at Phren: I’m not sure about Phren though, she’s awfully green. And soft. Do you really think she can handle this.
        • Avus: She was top of her class in the academy, I think she’ll do fine. With your guidance.
  16. Pg.
        • Yoselin: You know I hate babysitting the newbies, I would have preferred a more seasoned partner.
        • Avus: You “babysat” me.
        • Yoselin: That was different.
        • Avus: Oh stop whining and show a little faith. I’m not asking you to train her, just help her practice what she already knows.
        • Avus: Now get out there and kick some smuggler chassis!
        • Yosein: Is that any way for the commander of her highness’s Youn sisterhood to talk?
        • Avus: Oh shut up and get going.
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        • We now cut to looking at the front of a run down apartment building. Narration: We headed to the lair of the first gang, the West Side Sliders. Phren and Yoselin are walking towards the building.
        • They come up to the front doors.
  18. Pg.
        • Phren, knocks: Sliders! This is the Sisterhood of the Youn!
        • and the door swings open.
        • Phren and Yoselin look at each other.
        • Phren: We have a warrant, we’re coming in! Stay where you are with your hands up!
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        • The two Youn walk though a dilapidated foyer. Phren (future): You see a lot of awful things in this job.
        • and though a dark, unkempt hallway.
        • And Phren’s hand reaches for the far door. Phren (future): You’d think after a while you get used to it.
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        • A room full of grisly dead gang members. Phren (future): I never did.
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        • Inside back cover.
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        • Outside Back Cover.


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